Best Place for Knee Replacement Operation in India

One of the Most Widespread surgeries for which patients are coming to India from all components of the world is Joint Replacement Surgery. The most common surgery amongst the joint replacements is the Total Knee Replacement Surgery. Low-cost surgery along with a very high success rate is one of the main reasons behind why India is becoming as a convenient destination for Joint Replacement.

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Most affordable cost of Joint replacement treatment in India

Orthopedics- Joint Replacement
Orthopedics-Joint ReplacementStarting Procedure Cost (in USD)Starting Procedure Cost (in INR)Days in Hospital(Min days)
Total knee Replacement
TKR (Unilateral) - PFC Sigma Implant49003149597
TKR (Unilateral) - Uni Knee49723195876
TKR (Bilateral) - PFC Sigma Implant8910572712.539
TKR (Bilateral) - RPF80005142209
Shoulder Replacement
Single (Including Implant)7816502392.947
Double (Including Implant)13500867746.2514
Total Hip Replacement / Resurfacing
Ankle Replacement Surgery6500417803.755
Elbow Replacement Surgery6500417803.755
THR (Unilateral)4211270672.557
THR (Bilateral)7322470639.869
THR (Unilateral) - Proxima6920444800.37
THR (Bilateral) - Proxima11870762973.939
Ankle Arthroscopy8300533503.25Decided after treatment
Ligament Reconstruction - ACL, PCL180001156995Decided after treatment
Knee Arthroscopy9000578497.5Decided after treatment
Elbow Arthroscopy9100584925.25Decided after treatment
Hip Arthroscopy9100584925.25Decided after treatment
Shoulder Arthroscopy9100584925.25Decided after treatment

Above mentioned charges are just an estimated value and they may vary, depending on the medical treatment given to the patient and also on the condition of the patient. These are not final packages as post-surgical complications withal have a verbalize in the genuine bill.

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