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Rajasthan is the most energetic, versatile and vibrant state of India. This state has been bestowed with natural bounties, wildlife assets, landscapes, deserts, hill stations and varied fauna and flora along with the globally ranked Hospitals. The facilities in medical treatment are trustworthy with ethics. The better-quality medical services with dedication and ethics are supervised by the reputed professionals of respective medical fields with world class infrastructure. These are the sound reasons to create this state a desired and preferred destination for India’s medical tourism.
About healthcare facilities in Rajasthan 
The Medical tourism is rising in Rajasthan and a preferred India state due to the high order facilities, specialists’ medical professionals, dedicated and caring hospital staff and latest world class technologies of medical field. The medical travelling to this state by foreigners is on the rise with the each passing day and after recovery they also enjoy their remaining time happily in the compelling and beautiful locations of Rajasthan. Rajasthan offers diverse medical facilities to Medical tourists like cardiac, dental surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery under the specialized doctors and dedicated, experienced medical staff at an affordable expense (less up to 60% to 75% in comparison with others). World’s renowned facilities are available in Rajasthan Hospitals which help patients to recover speedily and enjoy the excess time in this colorful state. Homeopathy, Yoga and Ayurveda, the other alternative treatments for patients, are also offered in Rajasthan state.
Well trained and highly skilled professionals
Many doctors in Rajasthan have trained at top universities around the world, and have returned to India to dedicate their knowledge, training, and skills to those patients, that are unable to get the same level of care elsewhere, due to high costs. Factoring in India’s own excellent educational system, doctors that studied in India are equally qualified as their colleagues who studied abroad. The doctors at Indian hospitals are trained to use the best and latest
Offerings in Tourism
Rajasthan is a land of many religions, colours, foods and festivals. The number of tourism options available in Rajasthan are staggering and will satisfy the adventurer, the sightseer, or just the ones that are in need of rest and relaxation. 


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India is a land of fascinating culture and diverse landscapes, and hordes of globetrotters come to soak in its majestic charm. Its long history, which dates back to thousands of years, is another thing that draws many people. Tourists looking to explore India are showered with various options, as there are infinite tourist destinations in India that they can visit.

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