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Get Introduced to Hospitals & Doctors

ell us what treatment & location you need and we’ll introduce you to several experienced professionals who can help you get better.

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Safely and securely send your medical records to providers of interest for a free price estimate for your specific case. Within hours, the providers contacted will send you custom quotes.

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Choose your provider with confidence

Only book once you feel comfortable and confident with the provider. Use the built in communication tools to ask as many questions as needed and get a prompt response. Patient Coordinators will assist you from start to finish.

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Travel for treatment

Traveling far from home can be a stressful event. Our partner hospitals are dedicated to meeting the needs and requirements of you and your family. Communicate with your coordinator to book your initial consultation date and to plan the logistics for your medical travel.

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Share your experience

We hope you have a speedy recovery and will consider helping others by sharing a review of your treatment experience.

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Why use Medibout ?

Find the right Hospitals & Doctors

Researching hospitals and doctors can be time consuming and overwhelming. We simplify the process for you. Using medibout, you can find hospitals by treatment or location. We provide you with price estimates, rich imagery, detailed hospital & doctor profiles, and previous patient reviews so you can easily compare and select the right provider. Our goal is to enable you to make confident decisions about where to get your treatment.


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