Knee is the most important part of the human body. Knee is required for performing most of the daily activities. Lower end of the thigh bone (femur) and the upper end of the shinbone (tibia) makes up the joint of leg i.e. knee. Articular Cartilage is present between these bones which makes movement of the bones easy. In order to cushion the knee there is a C-shaped wedges that acts as a shock absorber. They work in harmony however if there is a disease or an injury then there is a chance of disruption of harmony.

When somebody has a knee injury, or arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis, the pain can limit the ability of your leg to extend such as to walk or to climb stairs. One might feel pain while sitting or sitting down. If medication and walking supports are not helpful for someone then knee transplantation in india is the only treatment possible. The surgery for knee is a safe and successful treatment for correcting leg deformity or leg pain. 

Pre-operative Investigation for knee transplantation in india include Physical Examination, Blood Test, Coagulation Test, Blood-sugar test, Urine test, X-rays, MRI, Heart rhythm test(ECG), BMD Test-Bone Mineral Density, etc. In some cases, certain tests are not mandatory. On the basis of medical history of patients, some other tests may be advised.

Knee surgery was first done in the year 1968. After 1968, surgical materials and techniques kept on improving their effectiveness. According to Healthcare Research and Quality, there have been more than 6, 00,000 knee transplantation in india. The cause of the pain in the knee and disability is arthritis, which can be of various kinds such as- Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Post- traumatic Arthritis, etc.

Unicompartmental knee transplantation in india is a surgical process that helps patients with arthritis in knee compartments. The surgeons select the kind of incision that has to be used in the transplantation of the knee. The expert aligns the instrument along with the bone in order to determine which bone has to be removed. During the surgery, bone of the thigh and the shin is removed. This type of surgery is conducted on the patients suffering from arthritis.   

There are four type of surgery that are being performed by the surgeons, i.e. Total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, knee cap replacement and complex/revision knee transplantation in india. It depends upon the situation whether one knee needs to be replaced or both. Transplantation of single knee is known as unilateral knee replacement and replacement of both is known as bilateral knee replacement.

Cost of Knee Transplantation in India  

In India, cost of replacement of knee is lower in comparison to the cost in countries like- USA, UK and Singapore. Thus, every year the number of foreign visitors, travelling to India for knee replacement, is growing. Generally the cost of knee transplantation in india costs USD 4000. But the price is not only factor that attract visitors, other factors include highly skilled doctors, surgeons, advanced medical procedure, latest machines, etc.

The costs for treatment in various hospitals vary due to several factors which include expertise of the surgeon, time spent for recovery in hospital, pre-operative and post-operative cost, physiotherapy and rehabilitation cost, Hospitals and city, Type of implant and surgery, etc. The cost for replacement of knee varies from USD 4000 to USD 9000 in India, which is approximately USD 30,000 in US. Thus, India is cost-effective for foreign visitors.

If both the knee transplantation in india of a person have to be replaced then it has been proved to be 35% or more than the costs in India. Approximately USD 6500-9000 is required for a bilateral knee replacement whereas same treatment costs USD 55,000 in US. Even after including the costs of the travel and stay, the expenditure incurred by the foreign visitors is 70% less than that in other countries. Bilateral knee transplantation in india can be done in two stages or a single stage as well. The method to conduct the surgery depends upon the situation of the joints of the patient.  

When the surgery is conducted in stages then patient has to stay for a longer period. Hence the cost of treatment automatically increases. This process require around 3-5 days for completion followed by post-operative rehabilitation. Later, patients are called for physiotherapy sessions which last for two weeks. This might cost additional USD 300-500.

Why India for Surgery?

The hospitals in India offer packages which include services like surgeon fees, drugs, equipment usage charge, nursing charges, etc. The Delhi region in India is self-sufficient with respect to social infrastructure and civil amenities. The best knee transplantation in india surgery hospital costs approximately USD 5000, which is 80% less than that paid by patients in western countries. Gurgaon has emerged as the hub of medical field due to the proximity to Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The patients from India and abroad approach the top knee surgery hospitals for their orthopedic concern. These best hospitals conduct surgery of knee transplantation in india at affordable price. The top knee surgery hospitals are located in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore. Some of the top names are- Artemis, Medanta, Fortis, Max Super Speciality, BLK Super-Speciality Hospital and Indraprastha Apollo. Moreover, these cities have International Airports which are connected to major countries.

The reason why is preferred in India is because there is a availability of robotic and minimally invasive technology. There is rehabilitation facility available in the hospitals in India. Moreover, the success rate of surgeries of knee transplantation in india is one of the best in the world. Total replacement of knee is most commonly preferred and most successful orthopedic procedure. This procedure is believed to give patients a better quality life. Famous surgeons can correct the pain in knees easily and successfully. 


Minimal invasive processes like- arthroscopic procedure, navigational surgery and da Vinci robotic surgery are availa

ble in India now. These hospitals comply with the international quality standards. Most of the hospitals which are amongst the best ones provide medical insurance which makes India a compelling candidate for knee replacement and other medical procedure.

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