Medical Tourism Trends in India

Medical Tourism Trends in India could simply be understood as the movement of people from highly developed countries to less developed countries on account of getting medical treatment done at a much cheaper cost.
Though Medical Tourism is risky, it holds a Legal status in many countries. Talking about most famous medical Tourism destinations, then following countries top the list


Not only these countries provide affordable health care, they took into notice, the excellent patient comfort as well. Pros can necessarily be counted Qualitative but the Cons aren't limited too. If you plan to travel to a country to get the benefits of economic health services, here are a few points that you should definitely ponder upon :

1. Make sure you're through with the language of that certain region otherwise communication gap might lead to a disaster.

2. Every country has its own way of sanitation, thus this should be kept in mind else you can get infected.

3. The quality of medicines should be checked as you can get low-quality medicines also. You also need to research about the doctor who prescribes your medicines.

4. During the treatment, you might require blood & you should ensure that the blood provided has been properly checked and is as per the standards, as the blood can be infected and you might gain some diseases from it (like HIV).
So above were the points that a person should consider always while traveling for medical tourism. 

When we talk about medical tourism In India then we should consider the facts provided by the Indian Government. 
Medical Tourism Trends in India is a growing sector in India, as per the studies, by the end of 2020 this sector is expected to become a $9 billion industry.
India is a large country with a variety of Medical destinations. As we move forward towards a developing country we can see how India is becoming the most preferred medical tourism destination. 
Moreover to encourage this particular type of tourism and to help the traveler's government has increased its e-tourism VISA regime in the month of February 2019. The time duration under this visa is a maximum of 6 months. 
Foreigners consider India to be the best place for medical treatments because of the following - 

• Low costs of treatment as compared to their own country. 

• Availability of latest technologies for all types of treatments. 

• Maintained international quality standards & increasing knowledge for the same among the doctors. 

• No language barrier as doctors can do conversation easily.

• Most doctors are trained in UK & US, hence it becomes much easier to understand exactly what a person wants.

• When the treatment is done many hospitals also provide an option for telemedicine which is highly beneficial for the patients as they don't have to travel again & again.

Medical tourists generally take a package which includes most of the expenses like flight, accommodation, treatment, and after treatment vacation also.
Visitors from more than 55 countries come to India every year for medical treatments but the huge business comes from UK & US.

Chennai is now known as " India's Health Capital" as the multi & super specialty hospitals across the city treat more then 150 foreigner patients every day. This city attracts a major amount of foreign tourists i.e. 45% & 30%-40% of domestic tourists for health treatment.

The Indian government has also eased the policies to promote this tourism, now there is no two months waiting period for consecutive visits for people from the Gulf.

A Visa On Arrival scheme is also there for medical tourists allowing them to stay in the country for 30 days for their treatment.
In some hospitals language, translators are also appointed to make the foreign tourist more comfortable, especially for people coming from Balkan & African countries. 
Moreover facilities like picking up the patient from the airport, fixing appointments with doctors, guiding the person, all are provided to make the tourist comfortable.



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