Olivia from South Africa for Angioplasty


Name: Olivia

From: South Africa

Treatment: Cardiology

I was just 23 years old when I found about the weak condition of my heart. It was depressing and hopeless my parents were very worried . I had visited to a hospital nearby my house they told me that my coronary arteries are narrowed so the blood supply is reduced and I’ll have to go through an angioplasty soon . One of my friend told me about medibout.com and that they suggest you a lot of hospitals in India according to the filters of your choice and convenience. So without making much delay I contacted them and I had decided the date of my choice for the treatment. They had arranged all things so well that I was mesmerized by their team work. When I reach the hospital they told me that I’ll be admitted to a CCU ( cardiac care unit) and the procedure involve pressure techniques for some 5 to 15 minutes. And then finally the day of treatment came and it all went well . Before leaving the hospital they told me to avoid heavy lifting and vigorous activities for some days so that the arteries can heal properly. I am heartily thankful to medibout to help me to recover from such a complicated health problem . Thank you so much medibout .


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