Ethan from Kenya came for Joint Replacement


Name: Ethan

From: Kenya

Treatment: Joint replacement

It was a halt in my sports life when I came to know about ACL damage, I consulted many local doctors and they all suggested me to go for ACL reconstruction as soon as possible or else I’ll lose my sport forever. I am an athlete and for a sportsperson like me, their game is all they cherished in their whole life. I was in a dilemma as what to do for a complete recovery and back to my field.

Resident surgery in my country was very costly and that too with 70% of certainty, that was really a devastating moment for me my whole life seems like to stop , but I trusted Almighty and I started to search online for ACL reconstruction surgeries in other countries, there was a hell lot of options and proportional confusion, suddenly I came across the it was quite confronting and seems to be reliable. I decided to contact them without much delay and it was such a relief that the staff was so cooperative. I had taken all the details of hospitals and approximate cost estimation.

I found it affordable and reliable too so consulted some of my friends and luckily one of my practice partners had experienced the hospitality of medibout, that was such a relief for me.

I finally scheduled a tour to Rajasthan for my surgery, one of my friend accompanied me for this . As I reached there I was explained all the details about the surgery and the post surgery care to be taken for some days . I was worried a bit because I wanted to get back to my running track as soon as possible .

The surgery went well and I was asked to stay there for some time till I recover completely.

I am so glad that I trusted medibout and now when I am back in my running track going to Rajasthan seems worthy . Thank you medibout for your kind cooperation.


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