Naqib from congo nigeria


Name: Naqib

From: Kano Nigeria

Treatment: Neurosurgery

Naqib, a year old baby has been struggling with the life. He had been having a tough time in his life battling with the symptoms like mental changes, difficulty in speaking, seizures, and muscle weakness. After several check-ups and counseling with the doctors, it was found that the patient is suffering from Encephalopathy- a brain disease, disorder or damage that affects the normal functioning as well as structure of the brain. After knowing about the problem, the patient looks for several treatments.

“During this painful time, a friend of mine suggested me to get my treatment from India and also asked me to pen down my queries at Soon, I received a call from Medibout. They shared detailed information about the treatment, doctors and cost of the treatment. So after some formality work, we planned to fly down to Rajasthan, India”.

Shortly, after stepping down in India, there appointment got fixed with Dr. KK Bansal, Senior consultant and Head Neurosurgery at Narayana Hospital, Jaipur, Rajasthan-one of the best Neurology hospital in India. He noted all the medical history in detail which followed by some tests such as blood tests, CT or MRI scan and EEG tests.

Dr. KK Bansal suggested patient to undergo Encephalopathy surgery. After completing few formalities, patients underwent the surgery. The doctor gave him the post-operative instructions in detail.

“We are extremely satisfied with the treatment processed by Dr. KK Bansal at Narayana Hospital Jaipur and also we would like to thank for their extra ordinary efforts and supports. Thanks for giving back my child a happy life”, says patients father.

The boy is now living his life even more enthusiastically and happily.

Medibout wishes her a healthy and prosperous life ahead.


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