Elijah cape town (south Africa)
Posted Date: 10 May 2017

I was an average looking college girl till last summer . Actually my features were good as my friends told me but my face need some highlight and as I consulted one of my aunt , face lift was a satisfying option . My aunt also gone through a face lift surgery and she looks pretty now . But the problem was where to have this surgery because in my surrounding it was very much costly so I decided to search it online in any other country . India was quite affordable with trusted reviews . I found medibout.com by suggestion of my aunt . I still wanted to research it on my level and it was very satisfying. Medibout scheduled my flight to the place of my surgery . It was in Rajasthan, one of the most vibrant state of India. I was more excited to visit the place frankly speaking rather than my surgery . The hotel which they arranged for my stay was nearby to the hospital only and it serve such a beautiful view outside it’s window . I planned to delay my surgery as I wanted to discover the place a bit , and that was not a problem at all with medibout. The whole team was very supportive and kind . After my surgery I stayed there till a long week . Those were the best days of my life when I was in Rajasthan and it was all possible because of medibout. Thank you medibout for such kind cooperation.

Naqib Kano Nigeria
Posted Date: 27 Feb 2019

Naqib, a year old baby has been struggling with the life. He had been having a tough time in his
life battling with the symptoms like mental changes, difficulty in speaking, seizures, and muscle
weakness. After several check-ups and counseling with the doctors, it was found that the
patient is suffering from Encephalopathy- a brain disease, disorder or damage that affects the
normal functioning as well as structure of the brain. After knowing about the problem, the
patient looks for several treatments.
“During this painful time, a friend of mine suggested me to get my treatment from India and
also asked me to pen down my queries at Medibout.com. Soon, I received a call from
Medibout. They shared detailed information about the treatment, doctors and cost of the
treatment. So after some formality work, we planned to fly down to Rajasthan, India”.
Shortly, after stepping down in India, there appointment got fixed with Dr. KK Bansal, Senior
consultant and Head Neurosurgery at Narayana Hospital, Jaipur, Rajasthan-one of the best
Neurology hospital in India. He noted all the medical history in detail which followed by some
tests such as blood tests, CT or MRI scan and EEG tests.
Dr. KK Bansal suggested patient to undergo Encephalopathy surgery. After completing few
formalities, patients underwent the surgery. The doctor gave him the post-operative
instructions in detail.
“We are extremely satisfied with the treatment processed by Dr. KK Bansal at Narayana
Hospital Jaipur and also we would like to thank Medibout.com for their extra ordinary efforts
and supports. Thanks for giving back my child a happy life”, says patients father.
The boy is now living his life even more enthusiastically and happily.
Medibout wishes her a healthy and prosperous life ahead.

Samantha uk
Posted Date: 03 May 2017

My life came to a halt when my knee pain problem exaggerated and it made me feel like handicapped.
I was not able to perform my daily activities, my social life just crashed and I became so hopeless about
this serious problem. Your upcoming life become hell when you have got a painful and irksome knee .
I had given all my hopes I have searched everywhere about a trusted and reliable knee replacement
centers but I was satisfied by none . Then one night I was searching online and my eyes catch a glimpse
of medibout.com , although I was not sure if they could suggest me something hopeful but still my
instinct told me to contact them once . I contacted them and they explained the whole procedure very
patiently ,they suggested me a list of good hospitals in one of the states of India named Rajasthan.
I was still not sure whether to go or not so I have read all the reviews and ratings about them .
Next morning I decided to make it final and entrusted them . They were amazingly helpful in every inch
of my treatment , starting from my arrival to driving me to the hospital till I have reached home again .
The hospital had got an amazing ambience , I did not felt at all like I was here for a big knee replacement
surgery ,the surgery goes all well and thankfully I have my normal happy life back .
I should give me 10/10 to medibout for making me stand on my feet again .
My colleagues found me noticeably happy now and I have a big thanks for medibout.

Ethan Kenya
Posted Date: 03 May 2017

It was a halt in my sports life when I came to know about ACL damage, I consulted many local doctors and they all suggested me to go for ACL reconstruction as soon as possible or else I’ll lose my sport forever. I am an athlete and for a sportsperson like me, their game is all they cherished in their whole life. I was in a dilemma as what to do for a complete recovery and back to my field.
Resident surgery in my country was very costly and that too with 70% of certainty, that was really a devastating moment for me my whole life seems like to stop , but I trusted Almighty and I started to search online for ACL reconstruction surgeries in other countries, there was a hell lot of options and proportional confusion, suddenly I came across the medibout.com it was quite confronting and seems to be reliable. I decided to contact them without much delay and it was such a relief that the staff was so cooperative. I had taken all the details of hospitals and approximate cost estimation.
I found it affordable and reliable too so consulted some of my friends and luckily one of my practice partners had experienced the hospitality of medibout, that was such a relief for me.
I finally scheduled a tour to Rajasthan for my surgery, one of my friend accompanied me for this . As I reached there I was explained all the details about the surgery and the post surgery care to be taken for some days . I was worried a bit because I wanted to get back to my running track as soon as possible .
The surgery went well and I was asked to stay there for some time till I recover completely.
I am so glad that I trusted medibout and now when I am back in my running track going to Rajasthan seems worthy . Thank you medibout for your kind cooperation.

Olivia South Africa
Posted Date: 12 May 2017

I was just 23 years old when I found about the weak condition of my heart. It was depressing and hopeless my parents were very worried . I had visited to a hospital nearby my house they told me that my coronary arteries are narrowed so the blood supply is reduced and I’ll have to go through an angioplasty soon . One of my friend told me about medibout.com and that they suggest you a lot of hospitals in India according to the filters of your choice and convenience. So without making much delay I contacted them and I had decided the date of my choice for the treatment. They had arranged all things so well that I was mesmerized by their team work. When I reach the hospital they told me that I’ll be admitted to a CCU ( cardiac care unit) and the procedure involve pressure techniques for some 5 to 15 minutes. And then finally the day of treatment came and it all went well . Before leaving the hospital they told me to avoid heavy lifting and vigorous activities for some days so that the arteries can heal properly. I am heartily thankful to medibout to help me to recover from such a complicated health problem . Thank you so much medibout .

Cristiana Nigeria
Posted Date: 28 Feb 2019

Cristiana gets a worry-free vascular surgery in India to get rid of Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
Cristiana belongs to Nigeria had a fruitful and smooth going life until she encountered when her lower
left leg started to ache. She was facing symptoms like swelling, pain, and red or discolored skin on the
leg. In the initial phase, she did not bother about the pain and thought of it as a minor issue. But with
the passage of time, the pain increases and become severe.
She started her search to find the best doctor for her pain, but due to limited medical resources in her
own nation, it was not possible for her to continue the treatment there, so she decided to come to
India. She contacted Medibout.com to get the best treatment. After proper documentation, she decided to
look for Dr. Rajendra Bansal, Narayana Hospital, Jaipur, Rajasthan- one of the best vascular hospitals in
After taking appointment from Dr. Rajendra Bansal- one of the best vascular surgeons in India, it was
found that Cristiana was suffering from Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a problem occurs when a blood clot
forms in one or more of the deep veins in your body, usually in legs. The doctor asked for some physical
examinations and had blood tests were done. The doctors suggested her surgery before which all the
pre-operative tests were carried out.
After the surgery, Cristiana was pain-free and very happy with the treatment done by Dr. Rajendra
Bansal. Later she was given the important post-surgery instructions needs to be taken care of.
She is extremely happy with the treatment and also with the hospitality given at Narayan
Hospital, Jaipur. She told that she had a memorable experience in India.
Medibout wishes her great life ahead.

sheeris Canada
Posted Date: 10 May 2017

Thanks for best Healthcare Service
Thank You Medibout