Total Knee Replacement




Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement in India is very cost effective and performed by world renowned orthopedic surgeons. 


Package Overview

Before Your Surgery

  • Medical Clearance - A general medical evaluation to make sure you are healthy for knee transplant surgery.
  • Medical Tests- Routien blood investigation, Chest xrays, ECG, routien urine examination 
  • Implant informantion- the surgery cost varies with impalnt being used. titanium alloy and cobalt- chromium alloy are the mostly used impant. The US FDA approved impant are more expensive in comparision the Indian-made-implants. 


Day of Surery 

  • After check in through admission department patient directed to procedure room to be prepped for surgery.
  • Surgery takes approximatly 2-3 hrs. After surgery patient shifted to post anesthesia care unit till awakened. This procedure takes approximately 2 hrs.
  • With full awakening , stable vital signs and controlled pain, patient transfferd to hospital room.
  • Patient  would be on antibiotic treatment for next 24 hrs to prevent infection. Hospital staff will focus on pain control,  nausea management , starting a liquid diet and getting restful sleep.


After Surgery – Day 1

  • On day one physiotherepist will evalute the “weight bearing status” of surgical leg. Evalution includes getting out of bed, movement of legs, walking as tolerated. Physiotherapist will also measure how much you can bend and straighten your knee.
  • Occupational tharapist and nusing staff will continue to make sure you manage your routien care and pain is well controlled. You will be resumed a normal diet.


After Surgery – Day 2

  • Physiotherapist will continue work on mobility, including techniques for getting out of bed, stair training, improving walking tolerance.


After Surgery – Day 3 and Beyond

  • On day three physiotherapist will continue the plan as described above. On day three mobility will much improve and patient could manage walk to the bathroon without assistance. Hospital will finalize discharge plans and equipment needs.


After Hospital Discharge

  • The staples will be removed after 10-14 days. Keep staples dry to avoid infection. Continue use towel roll and CPM as directed by physician. Continue perform the knee exercises as  mentioned by physiotherapist.

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