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India known for its cultural and traditional values is shifting its focus towards different areas to create an identity of a different flavor, especially, in recent years it has seen a constant rise in medical tourism. Hospitals in India are equipped with state of art facility, highly qualified doctors, and efficient logistics to cater to the global consumer base.

India has witnessed a vast number of customer influxes from western countries for Laser and cosmetic surgery. Laser technology has brought tremendous changes in medical science, laser radiation is highly effective in penetrating the tissues and repairing them.Laser cosmetic surgery, Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Best Plastic Surgery, Top Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery in india has been effectively used in cancer treatment as it is powerful enough to destroy potent cancer cells. Laser treatment is not only used to save lives, it has been a game changer in beautifying human body.

In terms of beautification; laser cosmetic surgery is used in skin resurfacing, acne treatment, stretch mark treatment, facial rejuvenation, and scar treatment.

Opting for laser treatment will have fewer other benefits such as less blood loss, relaxed postoperative state and efficient wound healing capacity.  Hospitals in India pay utmost attention to privacy, comfort and postoperative care for quicker and smooth recovery.

India is experiencing a successful phase in terms medical tourism for its effective treatment process, an astonishing success rate, importantly low-cost service. Laser and cosmetic treatment in India will cost you merely a 1/4th of what you may have spent in western countries.


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Cosmetic surgery
Cosmetic surgeryProcedure's Starting Cost (in USD)Procedure's Starting Cost (in INR)Days in Hospital(Min days)
Eyelid surgery-Blepheroplasty2450157479.882
Breast Lift with Augmentation40002571101
Breast Reduction(Female)40002571101
Tummy Tuck4500289248.751
Arm Lift2320149123.81
Breast Reduction(Male)1560100272.91
Hair Transplantation Surgery (FUE Technique)13(per Graft)44(per Graft)Decided after surgery
Hair Transplantation Surgery (FUT Technique)3-5(per Graft)51.42(per Graft)Decided after surgery
Cheek Augmentation Surgery2300147838.251
Chin Implant surgery150096416.251
Calf Augmentation2980191546.951
Ear Reshaping(Otoplasty)136087417.41

The charges mentioned in the above packages are just an estimate and may vary, depending on the medical treatment and condition of the patient. These are not final packages as post-surgical complications also have a say in the actual bill.

Medibout is partnered with highly sensitive, sophisticated and technologically hospitals in India. Medispa in Rajasthan India is one of the acclaimed hospitals in laser and cosmetic surgery in India combined with highly advanced technology, hygienic, qualified doctors and comprehensive consultation Medispa acts as the first preference for global customers.

Medibout’s vision is to enable the world to avail the best treatment at the lowest cost. Our service makes you free of the anxiety of finding the desired hospital, proficient practitioners for your need; furthermore, we equip with information to make a wise choice.

Once you tell your requirement Medibout will provide you the best hospitals and cost factors of different hospitals to choose the best place that suits your requirement, lastly, we make sure that our partnered hospitals help you in necessary procedures such as meeting your visa and the logistic requirement for a smooth stay in India.

You can access us from any corner of the world and avail the best services available in this most beautiful country on earth.

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