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Lasik is an advanced refractive eye surgery generally treats ordinary eye problems such as myopia, nearsightedness, hyperopia. Lasik surgery is operated using laser where the cornea is adjusted in such a way that enough of light is allowed to enter the retina ultimately resulting in clear vision, after Lasik surgery, dependency on glasses and lenses reduces substantially.

Lasik eye surgery does not require an extensive process, general operation gets completed in 20 minutes and patient recovers within 24 hours. Lasik surgery requires pre-surgery precautions such as avoidance of contact lenses before surgery for the cornea to be in the desired state, furthermore, a patient needs to be over 18 years to undergo Lasik treatment.

Lasik treatment in India is preferred by a multitude of offshore clients, because of expertise available in the country, substantial availability of advanced technology also plays a significant role, importantly low-cost services lures off-shore clients resulting in a substantial rise in medical tourism.

Medibout is partnered with most reputed hospitals to provide you important information you require to plan your visit, Patients are free to consult before organizing their trip. Facilities of these hospitals are advanced, sophisticated and hygienic; these hospitals not only help you in treatment but also smoothens your traveling process by providing you assistance in Visa documentation, hotel bookings, and other necessary requirements. Patients are provided with cost comparisons for different hospitals in order to make decisions according to their budget.


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Eye surgery
Eye surgery(Ophthalmology)Procedure's Starting Cost (in USD)Procedure's Starting Cost (in INR)Days in Hospital(Min days)
Cornea Transplant73547243.96Day care/1 day
Lasik - standard42026996.55Day care/1 day
Lasik - Custom62039852.05Day care/1 day
Cataract-53034067.08Day care/1 day
Glaucoma51032781.53Day care/1 day
Cataract + Glaucoma81052064.78Day care/1 day
Squint?53052064.78Day care/1 day
Retinal Detachment51132845.8Day care/1 day
Vitrectomy61039209.28Day care/1 day

The charges mentioned in the above packages are just an estimate and may vary, depending on the medical treatment and condition of the patient. These are not final packages as post-surgical complications also have a say in the actual bill.

If you are looking for Lasik treatment in India, then you are looking at the best of the places on the earth as we have mentioned earlier medical tourism has seen a significant rise. Medibout is the hub for medical assistance in India from consultation to assistance everything under one roof and these services are free of cost for patients. Medibouts objective and ambitions are driven by our unmatchable passion for human life and its care. Our digitized endeavor to integrate Indian health sector has been appreciated by clients and our partnered hospitals.

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