Healthcare sector in India has seen drastic changes in their functionality in recent years, with its economy skyrocketing, sophisticated and technologically advanced hospitals are mushrooming in the country and so are their areas of functionality.

Organ transplant in India has become a common occurrence. Indian hospitals are preferred over their western counterparts for their low-cost operational fees. However, organ transplantation is not as fanciful as it may sound due to various factors governing the very process of transplantation.

For organ transplantation, a patient has to go through several tests to confirm the eligibility of the patient.  If the patient is found to have serious health issues such as severe heart disease, drug-related issues then it is less likely to be eligible for transplantation, furthermore, the health condition of the donor and the organ are also the determining factor of transplantation. The compatibility between the receiver and donor also needed to be considered before the process.

Especially, organ transplant in India also has its legal implications too. Stringent laws are governing the organ transplantation to eradicate any form of commercial transaction between two parties. In India, only family members can donate an organ. In case of a donor who happens to be outside the family, government permission is mandatory before carrying out the operation. He has to get an official grant from the court of law that his donation of the organ is out of love and affection.

If the donor is a foreigner then a special permission has to be granted by the concerned embassy for authentication and if the receiver happens to be a foreigner he has to get the grant from the embassy for validation.

Kidney transplantation is a frequent occurrence in India, followed by liver transplantation and bone marrow transplantation.

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Organ Transplant surgery
Organ Transplant surgeryProcedure's Starting Cost (in USD)Procedure's Starting Cost (in INR)Days in Hospital(Min days)
Kidney Transplant for Unrelated Donor and Recipient9560614492.9Donor-10 days in multiple bed; Recepient- 14 days in Single Room
Kidney Transplant for Related Donor and Recipient6780435801.45
Bone Marrow Transplant38000 to 500002442545 to 3213875Decided after treatment
Cochlear Implant(Unilateral)176801136426.23
Cochlear Implant(Bilateral)321402065878.853
Liver Transplant Surgery40000 to 600002571100 to 3856650.00Decided after treatment
Above mentioned charges are just an estimated value and they may vary, depending on the medical treatment given to the patient and also on the condition of the patient. These are not final packages as post-surgical complications withal have a verbalize in the genuine bill.
  • 10-day stay for the patient and 5-day for the donor
  • Evaluation of the patient and the donor before the transplant, excluding DNA/HLA typing
  • Charges of the lab for both the patient and the donor after the operation for 10 days, including Histopathology
  • Post-surgery radiology for patient and donor
  • Charges of OT, Machine, OT/Ward consumptions of donor and patient
  • One dialysis before the surgery and one after, if required
  • Blood transfusion Service (4 units of blood and 3 units of FFP)
  • Fee of the surgeon for the patient and the donor
  • Anesthesia for both
  • Charges of Graft biopsy if needed within 9 days
  • For a diabetic patient, Diabetology review and consultation with the doctor
  • Re-exploration of both within the days of the package


  • Patient’s stay for more than 10 days and donor’s stay for more than 5 days
  • Few medications such as TPN, ganciclovir, IVIg, plasma expanders, blockers, ATG, IL2 receptors including TPN
  • In case of complications in biopsy after 9 days, any corrective surgery requirement
  • Occurrence of heart disease or Invasive cardiac imaging, if needed before or after surgery
  • Crossmatch and HLA typing
  • If the donor stay’s in a room of a higher category, the room rent would be extra

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